To the South American Athens: Cartan meets Bogotá, Colombia

Gabriel Valdez, Cartan Global

Located at 8,500 feet above sea level, Bogota, Colombia was the last city our Director of Sales, Daniel Berditchevski visited. Soccer lovers, olympic medalists, high level athletes, no one doubts about the quality of Colombians. Daniel, in representation of Cartan, traveled to the beautiful city of Bogotá. In addition, we had successful meetings with big companies, travel agencies and also with the National Olympic Committee of Colombia.Cartan en BogotaOur company has been developing solid relationships over time with different Olympic Committees from Latin American countries. As a matter of fact, we visited the Colombian NOC that greeted us on the best way possible. After having a successful meeting with the NOC President Baltazar Medina, Cartan is glad to announce that we will continue offering our services to develop the different olympic sports in Colombia.

Cartan ColombiaCartan has different packages specially designed for corporate clients that want to motivate their employees through sports travel packages. World events like the World Cup in Russia, the Summer Games in Tokio, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, The Mexican Grand Prix, and so on were very interesting products for Colombia. Big companies are looking forward to assist to these events and our company wants to keep giving the best customer service to satisfy our clients needs.

On the other hand, our most popular package right now is the World Cup in Russia. Inside the package, we have hotel rooms in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi and Ekaterinburg, between others. Knowing this, our Colombian customers have an option to follow Colombia during the World Cup. As a quick reminder, Colombia is going to play against Polonia, Senegal and Japan. The show is guaranteed to be a success.

Cartan ColombiaFinally, after having successful meetings with the different companies, travel agencies and the Colombian NOC, Cartan hopes to keep helping our customers and newcomers to fulfill their sports passions and get them to their destinies.

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