Cartan Meets With KTO & JNTO In Mexico City

Riley Wagner, Cartan Global

Recently, a couple of members from the Cartan Global team attended an event in the heart of Mexico City put on by KTO (Korean Tourism Organization) and JNTO (Japanese National Tourism Organization). The occasion took place at the Torre Mayor, known for being the largest tower in Mexico City, and for hosting alumni from Ivy League Colleges on a consistent basis.

The special event was coordinated by beThere and CONSOLID Mexico, and organized by KTO and JNTO. Much like the last event that we went to, we introduced the company, showcased the variety of packages we offer, and detailed more information about the upcoming World Cup, and Winter Games. Yet, the main focus was to promote tourism in Japan, Korea, and Mexico.

The team showed up an hour early to station flyers near the KTO table and introduced ourselves to Christopher Mora, the marketing manager for KTO. On top of those positives, the presentation was a success. It was appealing, informative, and persuasive, so much so that we garnered a few meetings, and an interview in a magazine!

Strong and fresh relationships were built while the team was in Mexico. Some of our friends we would like to thank are Aeroméxico, KTO, the Japan National Tourism Organization, and lastly H.I.S Giras Internacionales México.

Again, we would like to thank everyone we met there, and we would also like to extend our gratitude again to Christopher Mora for extending the invitation.

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