5 Interesting Facts About The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games

Riley Wagner, Cartan Global

The 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games are fast approaching and as they inch closer, to keep those who are unfamiliar with PyeongChang, and the sports of the Olympic Games, this blog post is designed to shed some light on some unique factoids about 2018’s Winter Games.

  1. Skeleton: The sport of skeleton was unbeknownst to me before I dove straight in head first researching the PyeongChang games and the sports associated with it (pun intended). Skeleton, an Olympic sport, also is considered the first sliding sport, where the participant glides down a slope on a sled. The reason it has the name Skeleton is because of the way a sled was concocted back in 1892. One spectator had noticed that the creation of the sled resembled a skeleton hence the name now. Skeleton is a fun, distinct Olympic sport that will be sure to garner a lot of attention come 2018.

2. First Time More Than 1 Athlete From Mexico Has Qualified: The upcoming Winter Games right now have 3 Mexican athletes that have qualified. Before this, Mexico had only 1 athlete qualify for the past two games. Cartan was lucky enough to meet with the athletes and to also continue our relationship with the Mexican Ski Federation’s President, Carlos Pruneda. For more information about this and Cartan’s recent trip to Mexico, click here!

3. Nordic Combined: Another out-of-the-box sport is Nordic Combined. Much like the sport of Skeleton, the name is quite peculiar. Nordic Combined combines two sports, those being cross-country skiing and ski jumping. It’s fast paced, and much more appealing now due to the Gundersen Method. Gunder Gundersen, the inventor of this method, shortened the hours judges used to take after the event had concluded by a massive amount with his revelation. The judges used to take more than an ample amount of time to review the cross-country times and judge the ski jump points. Gundersen saw how tedious this process was and instead suggested something different. Now, the judges determine whoever crossed the line first during the cross-country race and then after staggering the participants’ ski jump points, they come to a conclusion on who will be declared the winner. The method now makes Nordic Combined one of the more interesting sports to keep an eye on in PyeongChang.

4. NHL Has No Plans To Stop Season For The 2018 Games: For the first time in 20 years, the NHL has decided to forego the Olympics, and is not allowing their players to participate. They have decided to have their own season continue instead. As aforementioned, this is the first time in 20 years; the fact that the NHL feels as though they don’t want to compete could deal a big blow to the hype surrounding the Olympics.

5. New High Speed Rail Going From Seoul Straight To PyeongChang: Normally, to get from Seoul to PyeongChang or vice-versa it takes around 2.5 hours. Now, with a new speed rail being constructed which will hopefully be done in time for February 2018, it will take a length of about 69 minutes. This new speed rail will allow for much easier traveling not only for those who live in South Korea, but those traveling as well. This transportation system will be great for those local to South Korea that would love to witness the Olympics in their home county.

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