Top 5 Restaurants in Moscow

Riley Wagner, Cartan Global

It’s been done, you’ve just purchased a package to head off to Moscow for the 2018 World Cup! You have friends to attend with, and all your bags packed but wait, what about the food? Every place in the world has rich and varying options when it comes to dining. No matter it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, when you arrive in Moscow for the World Cup, Cartan has got you covered.

  1. Café Pushkin: It’s the first night, you and your friends get back to the comfort of your Cartan provided hotel at 3 am. You wake up the next morning at 8 am so that all of you can get the best experience out of both Moscow and Russia. Where do you head for a relaxed, quaint breakfast? You head to Café Pushkin. It’s open 24/7, has great service, and the food is quite the treat. Choose from different options such as a Traditional Borsch, the Chicken Cutlet, or even the Benedict egg with salmon, whatever your heart desires.

2. Bison Steak House: Everybody works up an appetite after watching the world’s best soccer players go at it for the games most coveted trophy. After a long day of screaming, cheering, and walking around the beautiful location that is Moscow, it’s more than likely your hunger levels will be at maximum. What better way to fill your stomach than with some of the best steak Moscow has to offer. It’s fantastic for large groups of people, and is perfect for dinner.

3. Restaurant Bjorn: With the first two restaurants dealing with breakfast and dinner, it’s only right that lunch gets a little love. It’s possible there could be a break for some of the teams you and your group are interested in. To get a fast and delightful lunch, head to Restaurant Bjorn. This specific restaurant has unique options because why not do something adventurous while traveling? Plates such as milky codfish and venison tartare make Bjorn a special experience.

4. Zotman Pizza Pie: If there is someone on planet earth who isn’t a fan of pizza I would like to meet them as soon as possible and take them to the doctor to do as many tests as possible because c’mon, who doesn’t love pizza? Everyone loves pizza and while in Moscow, Zotman is a great spot to eat. It has varying alternatives to the standard cheese and pepperoni pizza to make your stomach swoon.

5. Jamie’s Italian: Since you and your friends are traveling across the world, engaging in spontaneous activities, you all decide it’s time to hit up and under the radar spot, not so heralded like the Bison Steak House or Café Pushkin. If underrated spots are your thing, look no further than Jamie’s Italian. It’s a consistently good Italian spot that offers dishes such as a linguine with shrimp, or pantserotti with pumpkin. For Lunch or dinner, Jamie’s is sure to have a wide array of options for all types of eaters.

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